User Management

Mageni allows for the definition and the management of different users with different roles and permissions. When initializing the Appliance the first user, the web/scan administrator respectively, is being created. This user allows the login and management of additional users.

Mageni's user management supports a role based permission concept when accessing the web interface. Various roles are already set up by default. Additional roles can be created and used by an administrator. The role defines which options of the web interface can be viewed and modified by the user. Read and write access can be assigned to roles separately.

In addition to the roles Mageni's user management supports groups as well. This serves mainly for logical grouping. Groups and roles may be used to assign permissions to several users at once.

Each user may be assigned an IP address range containing the allowed or denied targets. The appliance will then refuse to scan any other IP addresses than the ones specified for the respective user. Similarly the access to specific interfaces of the appliance can be allowed and denied.

To support central authentication and to allow password synchronization the Appliance may be integrated with a central LDAP or RADIUS server. But this server will only be used to verify the password during the log in process of the user. All other settings are being performed in the User Management of the appliance.

These functions are being covered in more detail in this section.