Sharing Individual Objects for Other Users

Every user can share indefinite objects created by himself. However, the user must be assigned the permission get_users. Otherwise the user will not have permission to determine the name of other users. To share an object, first determine the Object-ID. Sharing by name is not possible. To acquire the ID display the object that is to be shared in the browser (i.e. a filter). At the top right of the display you can find and copy the ID.


Afterwards switch into the menu Configuration/Permissions. Create a new permission new. Then select the proper permission for the object to be shared:

  • Filter: get_filters
  • Scan configuration: get_configs
  • Alert: get_alerts
  • Notes: get_notes
  • Overrides: get_overrides
  • Tags: get_tags
  • Targets: get_targets
  • Task with report: get_tasks
  • Schedules: get_schedules

Select the appropriate subject (user, role or group) and paste the copied Resource ID into the respective field.